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“Giant Lamborghini SV 24V/180W Super-Car for Kids – Up to 15kmh!”

SKU: Lamborghini-180w-whigte


Please note: this product is pre-order – Eta for shipping mid July – 2023



Recommended Age 6+ Years Old
Seating 2 Seats
Lights Included; LED
Safety Features Durable Doors, Seatbelts
Musical Features USB, SD, MP3 Inputs, Bluetooth, Volume Control
Vehicle Features Steel Frame, Power Steering Wheel, Battery Life Indicator, Hydraulic Scissor Doors, Hand Break (Parking Break), Inflatable/Tubeless Wheels, All-Wheel Suspension
Driving Method Foot Pedal (Acceleration/Brake)
Horn Included; Standard Honk
Start Method Push-Button Start
Battery 24 Volt 14 Amps
Motor 180W Brushless Motor and Differential
Charger Included; 24 Volt
Maximum Speed 15 KM/H
Load Weight Up to 90 Kg
Vehicle Dimensions 176x108x63 cm

1. Design and Construction

1.1 An In-depth Look at the “Giant Lamborghini SV 24V/180W Super-Car for Kids – Up to 15kmh!”

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with the “Giant Lamborghini SV 24V/180W Super-Car for Kids!” This remarkable ride-on car is designed to provide children with an exhilarating and authentic driving experience. Modeled after the iconic Lamborghini, this supercar will ignite your child’s imagination and fuel their sense of adventure.

1.2 Construction and Durability: Materials and Build Quality

When it comes to construction and durability, this ride-on car doesn’t disappoint. Crafted with high-quality materials, including a sturdy steel frame, it is built to withstand the demands of enthusiastic young drivers. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of its design, from the hydraulic scissor doors to the durable doors and seatbelts, ensuring your child’s safety during playtime.

1.3 Safety Features: Keeping Kids Safe During Playtime

Safety is always a top priority, and the “Giant Lamborghini SV 24V/180W Super-Car” doesn’t compromise in this area. Equipped with safety features such as seatbelts, this ride-on car ensures that your child remains secure while enjoying their thrilling adventures. Additionally, it includes an emergency stop button, providing parents with peace of mind knowing they have control over the vehicle’s movements. Rest assured, this ride-on car meets the highest ASTM safety standards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for your little one.

2. Entertainment and Comfort

2.1 Luxury Interiors: Seating, Dashboard, and Controls

Step inside the cabin of this impressive ride-on car and discover a world of luxury. With its two seats, your child can invite a friend along for the ride. The comfortable seating ensures that every journey is enjoyable, while the power steering wheel allows for precise control, giving your child an authentic driving experience. The dashboard is thoughtfully designed, complete with a battery life indicator, keeping your little driver informed about their adventure’s duration.

2.2 Fun Features: Lights, Sounds, and More

Prepare to be amazed by the array of fun features that this ride-on car has to offer. Equipped with high-quality LED bright lights, it illuminates the way, enhancing the overall experience. Your child can groove to their favorite tunes thanks to the USB, SD, and MP3 inputs, while the Bluetooth connectivity allows for seamless connection to external devices. With volume control, they can adjust the sound to their liking, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable ride.

2.3 Remote Control Capability: For Parents’ Peace of Mind

Parents can take the wheel, too! This ride-on car comes with a remote control capability, allowing you to take control whenever necessary. With this feature, you can ensure your child’s safety, guide them through tricky spots, or simply enjoy some quality bonding time as you both explore the exciting world of driving together.

3. User Experience

3.1 Ride Quality and Comfort: What Kids Can Expect

Designed to conquer various terrains, this ride-on car delivers an exceptional ride quality. Its inflatable/tubeless wheels and all-wheel suspension absorb shocks, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey. While driving, your child will experience the thrill of acceleration and brake control with the foot pedal, enhancing their coordination and fine motor skills. With a maximum speed of 15 km/h, they can cruise along at a safe and enjoyable pace.

Batteries are often a concern, but fear not! The “Giant Lamborghini SV 24V/180W Super-Car” is equipped with long-lasting batteries, allowing for extended playtime. You can count on its powerful and reliable battery to provide hours of uninterrupted fun for your child.

With the “Giant Lamborghini SV 24V/180W Super-Car for Kids – Up to 15kmh!”, your child’s imagination will soar as they embark on thrilling adventures. From the impressive design and construction to the array of entertainment features, this ride-on car offers an unforgettable experience. Explore the world of luxury and excitement with this premium ride-on car that delivers both style and substance.


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