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All our powered ride-on vehicles are covered by a Megatoys Complimentary Standard Warranty:

  • 12-Month Warranty for Motherboard and Soundboard
  • 6-Month Warranty for all electrical components inclusive of one (1) rechargeable battery
  • This warranty covers defects that occur during normal use and does not cover the vehicle or the battery if it has been damaged by unreasonable use, i.e., neglect, accident, abuse, misuse, improper service, improper maintenance, modifications and/or other causes not arising from defective manufacturing.


We’ve partnered with our friends over at Consumer Priority Service to offer extended warranties for our cars for up to three (3) years!




This Extended warranty provides full coverage – inclusive of parts and labor – for one (1) kids’ ride-on vehicle purchased from as guided by the following terms and conditions:

What does my extended warranty cover?

1. Full-comprehensive (bumper-to-bumper) 1-time accidental damage coverage

a) Water damage

b) Act of God (natural hazard outside human control)

c) Superficial damage

d) Cosmetic damage

2. Main Circuit Board

a) Motherboard

b) Soundboard

3. Electrical components

a) Rechargeable battery

b) Wiring

c) Connectors

d) Entertainment Deck (inc. Input ports)

3) Charging port

Activation, Transfer & Termination of my extended warranty

  1. The coverage offered by this extended warranty comes into effect 31 days from the date the item was purchased.
  2. The terms of this extended warranty only become activated once a defective product assessment has been completed by Megatoys Service Center personnel
  3. For the one (1) month period prior to the activation of the extended warranty, the product remains covered as per the terms and conditions of the Megatoys complimentary STANDARD PRODUCT WARRANTY.
  4. This extended warranty becomes terminated once a claim has been made and settled under the full-comprehensive (bumper-to-bumper) 1-time accidental damage coverage, or the cumulative cost of the replacement parts equates that of the tax exclusive total cost of the product.
  5. A new extended warranty may be purchased to cover the new replacement model offered under the full-comprehensive (bumper-to-bumper) 1-time accidental damage coverage.
  6. This extended warranty is owner-transferable, but NOT product-transferable; The coverage continues without cease, regardless of a change in ownership of the product.

Claims and Credit

A client is granted a warranty coverage value equal to the product’s tax-exclusive cost; for example, if a client purchases an extended warranty for a product priced at $700 (tax exclusive), the client has reserved the right to replacement parts totaling $700. If a client has already begun using this warranty coverage and eventually requires a 1-time accidental damage replacement, the cumulative cost of the replacement parts that have already been claimed prior to the 1-time accidental damage claim is deducted from the warranty coverage value; for example, if the client with the $700 product has already received replacement parts with a cumulative value of $200, they would have a credit balance of $500. As a result, if the one-time accidental replacement is another $700 product, the client must pay the additional $200 out of pocket.

Service & Repairs

My product has a problem! What should I do?

  1. Please contact the CPS toll-free Customer Service line at (800) 905–0443 and provide the following information to the CPS representative:
    • a) Client warranty number
    • b) Order number
    • c) Primary contact information
    • d) Brief description of the product defect
  2. Please visit www.cpscentral.com, click the “File a Claim” button, and follow the instructions provided.
  3. Please email CPS at cs@cpscentral.com with the relevant information listed in (1) above.
  4. Await a response from Megatoys Service Center Personnel. (*CPS relays all relevant data previously collected); Megatoys personnel will contact the client to arrange a virtual assessment
  5. Clients within the GTA, and who are able to, may skip the virtual assessment, and transport the defective ride-on to the Megatoys Ride-on Car Service Center for diagnostics, and/or repairs. (1-250 Trower’s Road Woodbridge, ON )


Replacements & Settlements

If the product defect has been deemed irreparable by Megatoys Service Center personnel, the following remedies are offered:

  1. The owner of this extended warranty is offered a settlement cheque valued up to 50% of the original, total cost of the product (tax exclusive). The value of this settlement is reduced/ influenced by the depreciation of the product at the time of the activation of this extended warranty.
  2. The owner of this extended warranty is offered a Megatoys Purchase Credit valued at the original, total cost of the product (tax exclusive).
  3. The owner of this extended warranty is offered a replacement ride-on vehicle that is exact to that which was originally purchased (tax exclusive).



Please note that this extended warranty does not cover the shipping costs associated with full-comprehensive product replacements.

  1. Clients may be guided by the following estimated shipping cost.
    a. 1-Seaters: $100 +
    b. 2-Seaters: $200 +
    However, upon acceptance of a full-comprehensive replacement, the client will be contacted with an exact shipping quote which will factor in the shipping address, and product freight.
  2. This deductible does not apply to clients who arrange to pickup their product replacements.